Developer Training

C++ programming is a prerequisite for this training. Refer to this site for C++ learning.

This post and following propose a training in OTAWA programming. They require a working installation of OTAWA and the otawa-config utility to be accessible on the current execution path. This may be checked by typing the following in a command line interface:

$ otawa-config -h

This command should display information about the command.

If an error message, stating that the command does not exist, you can add the directory OTAWA_ROOT/bin to your PATH variable.
According to your OS, this can done as below:

[Unix SH] export PATH=$PATH:OTAWA_ROOT/bin
[Unix CSH] setenv PATH ($PATH OTAWA_ROOT/bin)
[Windows] set PATH=%PATH%;OTAWA_ROOT/bin

Now, you can follow the exercises below:

First Program

SummaryThis first lecture presents the basic concepts of OTAWA as an example program. Other learnt topics include how to to do a Makefile to compile the program and an insight on an important concept of OTAWA: properties. The First OTAWA…


Properties, Features and Instructions

Low Level Representation of the Program ∞ The analyses on the machine language, including WCET computation, is based on the low-level representation of the program. This representation is built by the loader, the plug-in responsible for a specific ISA ((Instruction…


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