Developer Training

C++ programming is a prerequisite for this training. Refer to this site for C++ learning.

This post and following propose a training in OTAWA programming. They require a working installation of OTAWA and the otawa-config utility to be accessible on the current execution path. This may be checked by typing the following in a command line interface:

$ otawa-config -h

This command should display information about the command.

If an error message, stating that the command does not exist, you can add the directory OTAWA_ROOT/bin to your PATH variable.
According to your OS, this can done as below:

[Unix SH] export PATH=$PATH:OTAWA_ROOT/bin
[Unix CSH] setenv PATH ($PATH OTAWA_ROOT/bin)
[Windows] set PATH=%PATH%;OTAWA_ROOT/bin

Now, you can follow the exercises below:

First Program

SummaryThis first lecture presents the basic concepts of OTAWA as an example program. Other learnt topics include how to to do a Makefile to compile the program and an insight on an important concept of OTAWA: properties. The First OTAWA…


Properties, Features and Instructions

SummaryThis lecture presents basics of OTAWA programming: features allows to require already implemented services that are represented by properties hooked to the program representation.Properties may also be used to alleviate implementation of program analyses. In the end, this applied to…


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