GLISS stands for Generator of Instruction Set Simulator. Although OTAWA does not really perform simulation, it re-uses lots of features of GLISS (like instruction decoding, disassembling, etc) and its ADL (Architecture Description Language) to decode programs in binary form.

You can get it from our repository and compile it:

> hg clone https://anon:ok@wwwsecu.irit.fr/hg/TRACES/gliss2/trunk gliss2
> cd gliss2
> make

It will require OCAML to be built. Notice that OCAML is available as a standard package in most usual Linux distributions.

GLISS by itself is not very interesting, it just provide a generator based on the ADL SimNML. Maybe you will be more interested by the instruction sets we provide. To compile one (let say instruction XXX), you have to get it at the same level as gliss:

> cd ..
> hg clone https://anon:ok@wwwsecu.irit.fr/hg/TRACES/XXX
> cd XXX
> make

This will generate basic libraries for ISS and a disassembler.
Available instructions sets includes:

  • armv5t
  • ppc2
  • sparc
  • tricore