PapaBench is a WCET benchmark derived from a real drone application, Paparazzi project. It has been slightly modified to be compiled for any architecture (originally AVR). It is structured as two applications running on different core but they can easily compiled a single program.

As described in its documentation, the application is logically split in tasks with different periodicities. Each task entry corresponds to a C function and the tasks are activated by an hand-made scheduler that poll a timer and call the task function accordingly. In addition, our modifications make use of WCET-aware implementation of mathematics functions as cos, sin, etc.

The simplest way to obtain PapaBench is to download it from its Mercurial repository:

hg clone https://anon:anon@irit.fr/hg/TRACES/papabench

Then take a look to papabench/README.

It has successfully been compiled for x86, PowerPC, ARM, Sparc and Tricore.