Elm  2
ELM is a library providing generic data structures, OS-independent interface, plugins and XML.
System Interface

These classes provides a unified interface to the OS services. More...


class  Directory
class  File
class  FileItem
class  Path
class  Process
class  ProcessBuilder
class  StopWatch
class  System
class  SystemException

Detailed Description

These classes provides a unified interface to the OS services.

File Management

The first file management class is Path that is used to represent file paths and provides many operations:

It provides also system information about paths:

Other classes represent files themselves. They are derivated from the FileItem class and may be either Directory or File. A file item is obtained by the FileItem::get() method taking the path of looked file. The file item gives the information as name, path, type and access rights. The files provides also information about their size while directories content may be retrieved using the Directory::Iterator or made using the Directory::make method. Once their use is completed, this objects must be released with the method FileItem::release().

Process Management

The Process objects provides control on the process of the OS:

A process may be created using the ProcessBuilder class. It allows to set process configuration like arguments and standard IO. Once the method ProcessBuilder::run() is called, the process is created, either a duplication of the current one, or a new command, with the set configuration and a process object is returned.

Miscalleneous Classes

First, ELM provides a class to measure times as precisely as possible on the current OS: the class StopWatch.

Then, the static class System provides some services like: