Download from repositories


The following libraries needs to have their development components installed:

  • libxml2,
  • libxslt

The following tools will be also used:

  • CMake,
  • G++,
  • Flex,
  • Bison,
  • Python,
  • OCAML (for oRange component),
  • Mercurial


  1. download the following package otawa-build.tgz,
  2. unpack it,
  3. move to the unpacked directory,
  4. and launch command: ./build.sh.

The compiled version of OTAWA is in the directory MACH/otawa-core with MACH corresponding to your machine (for example, Linux-x86_64).

Common Errors

../prog/libotawa.so: undefined reference to `elm::xom::XSLTransform::…(elm::xom::Document*)’

Depending on your distribution, you have to install packages libxslt or libxslt-dev.