Building for MacOSX

(by H. Ozaktas)

This guide is mainly written for OS X Lion and uses MacPorts.

Installing MacPorts

MacPorts needs Xcode which is most easily installed from the Mac App Store.
Once Xcode is installed, open it, go to Preferences→Downloads→Components and install Command Line Tools.
Now you can install MacPorts.

Installing build tools

Install packages mercurial, cmake, coreutils, libxslt and ocaml through MacPorts:

port search KEYWORD

If a need for any other tool or library arises, it can be searched in available ports:

port search KEYWORD

Basic Libraries Installation

OTAWA and its modules must be compiled in the same parent directory that we call BUILD_DIR. So, create a BUILD_DIR and chdir in it:


You also need to decide for an installation directory that we call INSTALL_DIR. If you don’t specify one, /usr/local is generally used by default.
Which module you’ll need depends on what you want to do with OTAWA but in any case, you will need gel, gliss2, a loader for your preferred ISA and elm. So grab and install them. For gel:

hg clone https://anon:ok@wwwsecu.irit.fr/hg/TRACES/gel/trunk gel
cd gel
make install
cd ..

For gliss2:

hg clone https://anon:ok@wwwsecu.irit.fr/hg/TRACES/gliss2/trunk gliss2
cd gliss2
cd ..

Loader Installation

Now it’s time to install a loader. OTAWA has support for several architectures including ARM, PPC, SPARC and more. You can install any combination of them, here is how to install PowerPC loader with VLE instructions support:

hg clone https://anon:ok@wwwsecu.irit.fr/hg/TRACES/ppc2/trunk ppc2
cd ppc2
cd ..

LP Solver Installation

OTAWA also needs an LP solver. It currently uses lp_solve.
As patches are needed to let OTAWA using it, yon can either download our patched version lp_solve5-tar, or try to patch another version as below.

Grab v5.5 of it (up to and put it in the BUILD_DIR. Now, extract it and change its name to lp_solve5:

mv lp_solve_5.5 lp_solve5

Now grab the patch file lp_solve5.txt, patch lp_solve5 and compile it:

cd lp_solve5
patch -p1 < PATCH_FILE
cd lpsolve55
sh ccc
cd ../..

Installing OTAWA

Now it’s time to install elm:

hg clone https://anon:ok@wwwsecu.irit.fr/hg/TRACES/elm/trunk elm
cd elm
make install
cd ..

And finally OTAWA:

hg clone https://anon:ok@wwwsecu.irit.fr/hg/TRACES/otawa/trunk otawa
cd otawa
make install
cd ..

Installing oRange

You can now install oRange which is a tool that determines loop bounds automatically. Since it need frontc, first grab and compile frontc:

hg clone https://anon:ok@wwwsecu.irit.fr/hg/TRACES/frontc/trunk frontc
cd frontc
make NATIVE=1
cd ..

and then oRange:

hg clone https://anon:ok@wwwsecu.irit.fr/hg/TRACES/orange/trunk orange
cd orange
cd ..

Environment Configuration

Now that the installation has completed, you can configure your environment for OTAWA binaries. Add these lines to your ~/.profile (don’t forget to replace INSTALL_DIR as before):

# otawa bin path