Sources from repositories

OTAWA is made of several modules that may be downloaded from Mercurial accesses with anonymous login.

For a module named MOD on Mercurial, type:

hg clone https://anon:anon@wwwsecu.irit.fr/hg/TRACES/MOD/trunk MOD

The following modules are part of OTAWA.

Module Requirements
gliss2 ocaml
armv5t gliss2
ppc2-vle gliss2
elm libxml2-dev, libxslt-dev
otawa gel, elm
frontc ocaml
oRange frontc

OTAWA is also using an external package, lp_solve (V4 or V5) that may be downloaded from here.

There are also extension that must be built once the OTAWA core has been installed.

Module Requirements
tricore gliss2
otawa-tricore otawa, tricore
lpc2138 otawa, armv5t
mpc5554 otawa, ppc2
sparc gliss2
otawa-sparc otawa, sparc
leon otawa, otawa-sparc