We are currently developing OTAWA v2.

It is not ready for publication but you can already play with a pre-version.

OTAWA v2 is embedding a new installation that supports OTAWA installation and third-party plug-in installation from web repository: this tool is called otawa-install.py (Python required). Notice that otawa-install.py should only work only for Linux but we hope to quickly adapt it to Mac an Windows.

Before running otawa-install.py, the following dependencies must/may be available:

  • GNU C++ (required)
  • OCAML (required)
  • Flex, Bison (required)
  • libxml2-dev, libxslt1-dev (required)
  • cmake, git (required)
  • Mercurial (required for some modules, soon deprecated)
  • GraphViz, pygtk (for graph output)

Using otawa-install.py is relatively easy. First download it in the directory that will contain the installation of OTAWA (let name it OTAWA_HOME).

$ ./otawa-install.py

The packages will be installed in /home/casse/tmp/otawa: [yes/NO]: yes

This will take a while to install the minimum set of libraries and tools for OTAWA. Be patient…

After that, recall to use the otawa-install.py command in OTAWA_HOME/bin/otawa-install.py to install some plug-in.

To get the list of plugins, just type:
OTAWA_HOME/bin/otawa-install.py -l

Notice that OTAWA is first delivered alone (no instruction set, no micro-architecture except trivial ones, no ILP solver). You have to use otawa-install.py to install them.