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Enum Class Reference

#include <elm/rtti/Enum.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for Enum:


class  make
class  Value

Public Types

typedef Vector< Value >::Iter Iter
- Public Types inherited from Type
typedef HashMap< string, const Type * >::Iter TypeIter

Public Member Functions

 Enum (const make &make)
 Enum (cstring name, const Value values[])
Iter values (void) const
virtual const Typetype (void) const
virtual int valueFor (string text) const
virtual cstring nameFor (int value) const
virtual bool canCast (const Type *t) const
virtual bool isEnum (void) const
virtual const EnumerableasEnum (void) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Type
 Type (string name="")
virtual ~Type (void)
string name (void) const
const PointerTypepointer (void) const
virtual bool isVoid (void) const
virtual bool isBool (void) const
virtual bool isInt (void) const
virtual bool isFloat (void) const
virtual bool isPtr (void) const
virtual const PointerTypeasPtr (void) const
virtual bool isClass (void) const
virtual const AbstractClassasClass (void) const
virtual bool isSerial (void) const
virtual const SerializableasSerial (void) const
virtual const TemplateTypeasTemplate (void) const
virtual const InstanceTypeasInstance (void) const
virtual const ParamTypeasParam (void) const
void initialize (void)
bool operator== (const Type &t) const
bool operator!= (const Type &t) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Enumerable
virtual ~Enumerable (void)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Type
static const Typeget (string name)
static TypeIter types (void)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Type
static const Typeparam0
static const Typeparam1
static const Typeparam2
static const Typeparam3

Detailed Description

Type for an enumerated type. Recording an enumration in the RTTI system requires several actions:

  • defining an Enum descriptor,
  • link the Enum descriptor with the type itself,
  • providing support for other facilities (input/output, etc).

To help providing this stuff, two macros are provided, DECLARE_ENUM is used in the header file and DEFINE_ENUM in the source file.

The code below represents an heade file where an enumerated type is provided:

#include <elm/rtti.h>
typedef enum my_enum {
} my_enum;

The code below shows the source corresponding part:

elm::rtti::Enum my_enum_type(elm::rtti::make("my_enum")
.value("A", A)
.value("B", B)
.value("C", C));
DEFINE_ENUM(my_enum, my_enum_type);

Concrete representation of an enumerated type.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Iter

typedef Vector<Value>::Iter Iter

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Enum() [1/2]

Enum ( const make make)

Constructor using a make object.

makeObject providing enumeration description.

◆ Enum() [2/2]

Enum ( cstring  name,
const Value  values[] 

Old-style enumerated type builder.

nameFull-qualified enumerated name.
valuesValues of the enumerated type.

Old-style constructor only provided for backward compatibility.

References Enum::values().

Member Function Documentation

◆ asEnum()

const Enumerable & asEnum ( void  ) const

Get the enumeration description corresponding to this type. If the type is not enumerated, an assertion failure is raised.

Corresponding class instance.

Reimplemented from Type.

◆ canCast()

bool canCast ( const Type t) const

Test if the type can be casted to the given type.

tType to cast to.
True if the type can be casted to the given type, false else.

Reimplemented from Type.

References Type::isInt().

◆ isEnum()

bool isEnum ( void  ) const

Test if the type is enumerated. Default implementation return false.

True if the type is a class, false else.

Reimplemented from Type.

◆ nameFor()

cstring nameFor ( int  value) const

Find the name corresponding to the gi en enumerated value.

valueValue to look text for.
If found, corresponding name or empty string.

Implements Enumerable.

References elm::rtti::value(), and Enum::values().

◆ type()

const Type & type ( void  ) const

Get the type corresponding to this enumerable interface.

Corresponding type.

Implements Enumerable.

◆ valueFor()

int valueFor ( string  text) const

Get the value for a text.

textText to lookup.

Implements Enumerable.

◆ values()

Iter values ( void  ) const

Referenced by Enum::Enum(), and Enum::nameFor().

The documentation for this class was generated from the following files:
#define DEFINE_ENUM(type, desc)
Definition: Enum.h:31
rtti::Enum::Value value(cstring name, int value)
Definition: Enum.h:79
#define DECLARE_ENUM(name)
Definition: Class.h:251