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CStringType Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 CStringType (void)
virtual bool isSerial (void) const
virtual const SerializableasSerial (void) const
virtual const Typetype (void) const
virtual voidinstantiate (void) const
virtual void serialize (serial2::Serializer &ser, const void *data) const
virtual void unserialize (serial2::Unserializer &uns, void *data) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Type
 Type (string name="")
virtual ~Type (void)
string name (void) const
const PointerTypepointer (void) const
virtual bool canCast (const Type *t) const
virtual bool isVoid (void) const
virtual bool isBool (void) const
virtual bool isInt (void) const
virtual bool isFloat (void) const
virtual bool isPtr (void) const
virtual const PointerTypeasPtr (void) const
virtual bool isClass (void) const
virtual const AbstractClassasClass (void) const
virtual bool isEnum (void) const
virtual const EnumerableasEnum (void) const
virtual const TemplateTypeasTemplate (void) const
virtual const InstanceTypeasInstance (void) const
virtual const ParamTypeasParam (void) const
void initialize (void)
bool operator== (const Type &t) const
bool operator!= (const Type &t) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Serializable
virtual ~Serializable (void)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Type
typedef HashMap< string, const Type * >::Iter TypeIter
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Type
static const Typeget (string name)
static TypeIter types (void)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Type
static const Typeparam0
static const Typeparam1
static const Typeparam2
static const Typeparam3

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CStringType()

CStringType ( void  )

Member Function Documentation

◆ asSerial()

virtual const Serializable& asSerial ( void  ) const

Return the serializable instance of this type.

Will raise assertion failure if the type is not serializable.
Serializable instance.

Reimplemented from Type.

◆ instantiate()

virtual void* instantiate ( void  ) const

Implements Serializable.

◆ isSerial()

virtual bool isSerial ( void  ) const

Test if the type is serializable. Default implementation return false.

True if the type is serializable, false else.

Reimplemented from Type.

◆ serialize()

virtual void serialize ( serial2::Serializer ser,
const void data 
) const

Serialize the data passed in parameter that must be of type corresponding to the interface.

serSerializer to use.
dataPointer to data to serialize.

Implements Serializable.

References Serializer::onValue().

◆ type()

virtual const Type& type ( void  ) const

Get the type corresponding to this enumerable interface.

Corresponding type.

Implements Serializable.

◆ unserialize()

virtual void unserialize ( serial2::Unserializer uns,
void data 
) const

Unserialize the coming data from the unserializer to the place pointed by data. This place must be of the same type as the serializable type.

unsUnserializer to get data from.
dataPointer to place to unserialize in.

Implements Serializable.

References Unserializer::onValue().

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