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AbstractTuple< T > Class Template Reference

#include <elm/rtti/Tuple.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for AbstractTuple< T >:

Public Member Functions

 AbstractTuple (cstring name)
voidinstantiate (void) const override
void free (void *obj) const override
const TupletoTuple () const override
const Vector< const rtti::Type * > & types () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from AbstractClass
 AbstractClass (CString name, const AbstractClass &base)
 AbstractClass (const make &m)
 AbstractClass (const make &m, const AbstractClass &base)
const AbstractClassbase (void) const
bool baseOf (const AbstractClass *clazz)
virtual bool isClass (void) const
virtual const AbstractClassasClass (void) const
virtual voidupCast (void *ptr) const
virtual voiddownCast (void *ptr) const
voidupCast (void *ptr, const AbstractClass &cls) const
voiddownCast (void *ptr, const AbstractClass &cls) const
const voidupCast (const void *ptr) const
const voiddownCast (const void *ptr) const
const voidupCast (const void *ptr, const AbstractClass &cls) const
const voiddownCast (const void *ptr, const AbstractClass &cls) const
const List< Operation * > & operations (void) const
const List< const Type * > params (void) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Type
 Type (string name="")
virtual ~Type (void)
string name (void) const
const PointerTypepointer (void) const
virtual bool canCast (const Type *t) const
virtual bool isVoid (void) const
virtual bool isBool (void) const
virtual bool isInt (void) const
virtual bool isFloat (void) const
virtual bool isPtr (void) const
virtual const PointerTypeasPtr (void) const
virtual bool isEnum (void) const
virtual const EnumerableasEnum (void) const
virtual bool isSerial (void) const
virtual const SerializableasSerial (void) const
virtual const TemplateTypeasTemplate (void) const
virtual const InstanceTypeasInstance (void) const
virtual const ParamTypeasParam (void) const
void initialize (void)
bool operator== (const Type &t) const
bool operator!= (const Type &t) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Tuple
virtual ~Tuple ()
virtual void split (void *ptr, Vector< Variant > &values) const =0
virtual voidmake (const Vector< Variant > &values, int i=0) const =0
int count () const

Protected Member Functions

void add (const rtti::Type *t)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Type
typedef HashMap< string, const Type * >::Iter TypeIter
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Type
static const Typeget (string name)
static TypeIter types (void)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Type
static const Typeparam0
static const Typeparam1
static const Typeparam2
static const Typeparam3

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AbstractTuple()

AbstractTuple ( cstring  name)

Member Function Documentation

◆ add()

void add ( const rtti::Type t)

Referenced by Tuple1< T, A >::Tuple1().

◆ free()

void free ( void obj) const

Free an object corresponding to the current class.

objObject to free.

Implements AbstractClass.

◆ instantiate()

void* instantiate ( void  ) const

Call this function to get a new allocated fresh object of the corresponding class. This function must be overridden to perform the actual allocation and the class must support constructor without any argument.

Allocated instance of class.

Implements AbstractClass.

◆ toTuple()

const Tuple* toTuple ( ) const

Try to get the value interface of a tuple class. Class that can be considered as tuples are classes which identity (address) is not important. They are used as values as int, float, etc.

Value class interface, or null.

Reimplemented from AbstractClass.

◆ types()

const Vector<const rtti::Type *>& types ( ) const

Get the types of the values composing the object.

Vector of types of object components.

Implements Tuple.

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